Sun Haze


We specialize in outdoor family mini session photos. This means that we can get amazing photos of your family in a fun and easy way. Our free photo sessions run a quick 20 minutes. 

What if you want a more specialized session? Many of our families want extra time to take their photos and even more photos from which to choose. 

We now have the Priority Pass Session. With this session you get some key additional benefits

  • More time. Our Priority Pass Sessions are 45 minutes, instead of 20 minutes. This is great for larger families or any family that wants more individualized attention.

  • More photos from which to choose. Because our photographers love what they do, they will take even more, creative photos of your family during the extent of the session. Got a special idea or request? Just ask. This session is perfect for your family. We will take over 75 photos from you to choose from!

  • No waiting. Due to the fun, fast paced nature of our photography events we can sometimes run behind. Families also tend to come early or late, which can alter our schedule. With the Priority Pass your time slot is guaranteed. You will always shoot at your scheduled time and not have to wait. This can be a true bonus if you have small children or a tight schedule. 

  • Find out who your photographer is in advance. We have many repeat clients that enjoy being photographed by a certain photographer. With the Priority Pass Session, we can tell you where your favorite photographer will be and on what date so you can book accordingly. 

Sounds exciting- right? For only $39 you get all of these additional benefits!

To upgrade or add time to your appointment,

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