Sun Haze


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You have signed up for your photo shoot and can’t wait to take personal, casual family photos. Now what? :)

First of all, relax!  We know that it is stressful getting the whole group together and we completely appreciate all the effort you put into it. :) We promise to make is as smooth as possible for your family so you can just have fun. After all, shouldn’t it be fun?

Many people ask us what to wear for their photos. We like to refer you to this awesome page with great ideas--

Getting Ready

We will email you several times reminding you to confirm your shoot and also general reminders before the photo shoot. We know you have a busy schedule and it is easy to forget appointments.

Think of how you will use the photos that your family will be taking. Are these for a holiday cards or gift? Has it just been too long since you have had a family photo? Are you thinking that you may want to enlarge a special photo as a canvas collection for your home? Photography can make your house a home and capture the spirit of your family. We also make it extremely affordable by selling you the files so you can get creative.

Once you arrive at the local park where you photos are taken, you will meet with your photographer. They will greet you and check you in for your photo session.  Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to know how to pose.  :) It is our job to get great photos, so just have fun!

After the photo session, you are free to leave or enjoy the park with your family. Kids love it when they get to play for a bit. :) Go ahead let the kids get dirty (finally lol).