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Wouldn't it be great if you could pay less and still get professional quality, beautiful photographs of your family? We have designed a very special plan to do just that. 

Instead of paying huge one-time costs to have your family photographed, you can pay just a small monthly payment.

That's right - finally an affordable plan designed to capture your family's most precious moments!

The Preferred Family Plan

Pay installment of $39 each month for 5 months (or 5 payments) and earn a photo session with all of the digital images included!



Under the The Preferred Family Plan you'll receive:  

  • 30 minutes of time with the photographer every 5 months or 5 payments

  • Multiple poses (whole family, kids together, kids alone)

  • Online gallery link for viewing

  • ALL of the high resolution digital images from your photography session. Nothing else to buy

Additionally, we provide:

  • Choose from many outdoor locations in your area

  • Personalized attention for Family Plan members

  • Priority on your photo sessions 

  • Special pricing on our canvas print sets. (75% Off)

  • Photograph just the kids alone 

  • Include pets and extended family members

  • Gift your session to someone special

Suspend anytime! Cancel anytime! Rejoin anytime!

Cancelling and Suspending are easy. Just click a link on your receipt or email us.  Rejoin with one email to us.  No questions asked. All payments made are credit for up to two years.

GREAT FOR - Birthdays, Newborns, Holiday Photos, Extended Family Photos, Maternity Photos, Cake Smash, or give as a gift. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if you don't want photos taken every 5 months?

Good news- this plan is still great for you. After you have paid 5 payments, you can cancel or suspend and use your session with all digital files anytime in the next two years. Your credit for your full set of images will carry over to your next session and you will have nothing else to pay.

What if I want photos, but I only have made a few monthly payments?

Good news- You can also prepay the missing payments so you can photograph your family anytime. For example, if you have made 2 payments but want to photograph because of a birthday you are welcome to do so. You just need to pay the 3 remaing payments of $39 prior to getting the full set of images.

Are you still operating due to COVID-19?

We are following all of the CDC safety guidelines for COVID-19 and we continue to do business around the county. Most of our locations are outside and photographers practice social distanting during your sessions. Any photographer closer than 6 feet will be wearing a mask for your families safety.